Will Businesses Want Apple’s iPad?

Business Week has an article today discussing business demand for Apple’s iPad.

“More than half of mobile-phone users surveyed recently by Zogby International said they would use a tablet device such as the iPad for working outside the office, according to mobile software maker Sybase (SY), which commissioned the survey of 2,443 adult cell-phone users.

Apple iPad for Business

Of respondents, 52.3% said they would most likely use a tablet for work, compared with 48.2% who said they’d use an iPad-like device for watching movies and TV, and 35.4% who said they’d play games on their tablet. The findings reflect “unexpected emphasis on the iPad’s suitability for work-related activities, and…the iPad’s potential value to information workers,” Dublin (Calif.)-based Sybase said in a Mar. 23 statement.”

As a small business owner and an iPhone user, I am curious to see how much traction the iPad will get among SMB’s. The iPhone with all its flaws is a pretty good email device and I do use a number of useful business applications including RSS Reader, Salesforce Mobile, Linkedin, Skype, and AT&T Uconnect (Web Conferencing) application. After using Android and Blackberry a bit I think Apple still has the premier platform for application development and the applications that are on multiple platforms generally appear to have their best designed offerings for the iPhone. With 4G mobile broadband already starting to be deployed by Sprint and Verizon, the bandwidth needed for robust business applications may be a reality. If the iPad opens up a flood gate of new application development with simple, easy to use businesses applications I think Apple may have a winner in the business community. With 4G already slowly making its wa

Do you see your business having any use for the iPad? If so what are some business applications that would be most useful for you?

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